Himan Mohapatra

Fifa 17 Tips For Success.


The most important concept that you must understand when composing a FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) team is team chemistry, or chemistry . When the team spirit is good, perfect passes and scoring opportunities come naturally. Chemistry is so important that it is sometimes wiser to leave a world-class player on the bench, instead of letting him ruin the chemistry of the team. Bad chemistry does not only affect individual actions, but can ruin an entire FUT season or tournament.

Yet FIFA players lose even experienced the importance of chemistry too often out of sight. They think the superstars in the team surpass any weaknesses in team spirit. FIFA 17 punishes players that take no account of the chemistry of their team but mercilessly. That’s why we put here at a glance how the concept works.

FUT chemistry or chemistry

Team chemistry is based on several factors. First and foremost, it is important that you put the players on their preferred position. Sometimes it is tempting to change players play position, hoping that better click better with another neighbor. But this has the opposite effect: players who do not play on their natural position, maximize the team chemistry down.

The chemistry between players is determined by three factors: the players their country, current club and the league in which they play. FUT novice players should also choose one of these three factors to build their team around. For example, when you first free packs is a star player in the Bundesliga. Therefore, it is wise to set up many players as possible from the same competition. This is of course the ideal scenario, but we all know that it can take a while before you get your hands on the right players. Perfect chemistry you can also reach what they call a Hybrid Team call or mixed team.

FUT Hybrid teams or mixed teams

A FUT hybrid or mixed team consists of players from different regions, but still have enough commonalities to achieve a good chemistry. A smart way to do this is to split you up in two parts. Each part has a strong chemistry between them (a bit like a sort of mini-team itself). Where the two halves meet each other, which players must also have strong chemistry. This is not easy to achieve and requires a lot of research and constant adjustments.

An example: the left part consists entirely of players from the Premier League and the right part of La Liga players. Diego Costa fit as Spaniard at an English club so plays perfectly between the two halves.

It is a misconception that all connection between adjacent players should be yellow or green chemistry to achieve a perfect rating. The illustrious 100 rating is also possible with red connections, as long as each player shares at least one green connection with a neighbor. Also remember that you still get by selecting a team manager an added bonus chemistry consistent with the composition of your team.

Take into account measures that players from PEP packs immediately fit with good chemistry in the team. Players from the transfer market, have to play first 10 games to get good chemistry with their new team. This leads to a team that is evolving together to spectacular scoring opportunities.

The FIFA 17 Ultimate Team chemistry keeps players sharp and reward good research and smart team development. Now it’s up to you to lift the chemistry of your FUT team to unprecedented heights and dominate international football. Good luck!